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Shadow the Hedgehog Edit Redux 07/07/22

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About This File

This is an edit of ABAB's Shadow, meant to add and fix a bunch of things. Was a MUGEN Archive exclusive character back in 2020.

Changes that have been made:


Redux Period - 2022

-Added the English Soundpack back in
-Named all the Palettes, and split them up into 3 Different Folders, found in the Palettes Folder.
-Fixed Trigger issues with air attacks, now the Air Punch can only be changed to if the Air Chop lands successfully
-Added new Crouch Attacks to add better comboability.
-Reverted Shadow's Chaos Spear sound back to Remilia Scarlet's sounds (tbh now I don't like it, too aggressive)
-Medium Chaos Spear now takes more time to activate
-Disabled Shadow's ability to chain into Standing Attacks from the Crouch Spin
-Max Chaos Blast now has fitting sounds
-Changed time triggers for the Chaos Spears to activate 1 second earlier (they are active once Shadow has his hand out at the opponent rather than a second later)
-Disabled Shadow's infinite healing during Chaos Control (once Power is Drained, his state is changed to 701 by force, ending the heal)
-Shadow can no longer spam the Light Crouch Kick while in Chaos Control (he can't infinite during Stopped Time anymore)
-Chaos Control now uses a second sound when being activated, the singular sound really didn't fit
-Heal Sound now uses a Loop trigger, instead of a persistent trigger
-Voices now stop if Shadow is hit
-Shadow cannot exit the Chaos Spear Super State until all Spears have been used now
-Added a Gun Projectile (the same gun you saw in every sprite video made in the 2000's)
-Added several new sounds for the Chaos Blast, and Chaos Control
-Fixed Animation positions
-Added a Gun Hyper (Uses 2000 Power.)
-Added Bounce Bracelet Special
-Nerfed the Pursuit Damage
-Lowered Airjuggle Points
-Disabled Shadow's ability to attack after using the Chaos Spear Hyper mid-air
-Added a movelist for Ikemen Go users
-Replaced all the Battle Sounds
-Disabled Single button healing
-Disabled Single button dodging

6,26,2022 Update - (Note: If you already have the previous version, delete the folder, as files were rearranged)
-Changed Icon to a smaller, more compact version
-Fixed huge hitbox issue with Chaos Spears
-Nerfed a bunch of hitboxes
-Removed Life-Dependant Chaos Spears from the Hyper (Absurdly op)
-Chaos Spear Barrage takes more time to exit when in Time Stop
-Added Intro State 189 (Meaning once he exits Intro State 191, the round doesn't instantly begin after landing.)
-Fixed Chaos Burst trigger mistiming
-Added Ground Shockwave animations
-Added proper ground collision sounds
-Added proper Animation/Sound Triggers for ground collision
-Lowered overall damage for the basic attacks
-Rewrote the Statedefs to use english letters rather than the original Japanese
-Lowered Jugglepoints (Now Shadow cannot infinitely juggle the opponents, highest damage possible via Air Combo now being 250)
-Shadow Turbo is now blockable (chips 100 health)
-Changed Afterimage state from Stateno 230 to Stateno 40 to use Shadow's Homing Attack Colors
-Added Afterimage for Shadow Rocket (however unlike in Battle, this afterimage uses Shadow's Homing Attack Colors.)
-Restored AppendToClipboard Statedef
-Nerfed Shadow Combo Damage
-All SA2 Palettes now have the darkest shade slighty brightened
-Fixed a few palettes (ended up missing a few errors, oops)
-Improved Chaos Spear Barrage animations
-Fixed Ground Collision sprite positions
-Fixed Missing hit voice errors
-Nerfed Chaos Burst damage
-Shadow Turbo, if blocked, now puts Shadow into a new state (Stateno 2510) where he is left open for attacking
-Shadow can no longer perform Air Combos after using Shadow Turbo successfully
-Chaos Burst's sounds are now split into two.
-Shadow cannot use Heal, if his Life is at the Maximum
-Fixed Shadow's Heal Lifeadd bug (he wasn't regaining health when using it.)

Finale Update, this is Shadow's Final Update, and with it comes a major fix.
-Shadow's Boost Mode, if he's KO'd with it Active, it's turned off, as it causes problems in Simul mode, because he still drained the power despite being KO'd.
-Shadow utilizes two different cns files now, depending on the .def used.
-Shadow uses a seperate .cns file, if you attempt to use the AI, Shadow-2.cns
-Shadow uses a seperate .cns file, if you don't attempt to use the AI, Shadow-2-3.cns
-Tweaked Shadow's Healing values to be more accurate with Sonic Battle
-Nerfed Chaos Blast (Low), lowered overall damage caused by 30
-Nerfed Shadow Combo by 4 damage
-Buffed Chaos Blast (Max), by 3 damage

By ABAB, Edited by SumirekoUsami

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