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Yu Narukami 1.081

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About This File

Yu Narukami by OHMSBY.

2nd file: Japanese voice snd file by Paulo S.

What's New in Version 1.081


-New Mechanic: Not Over Yet
  -Upon reaching 35% health or below and not being in a hurt state, you will receive the following benefits for the rest of the round:
   +All Distortion Drives deal 20% more damage (Stacks with Ultra Burst's damage buff)
   +Immediately Gain 500 Meter
   +Slowly gain meter overtime
   +Gain a defense buff that scales up to 35% according to how much health you currently have (Less health means more defense)
  -Only triggers once per round
-New Mechanic: Ultra Dead Angle (Burst while Guarding)
  -Using this will cancel your guard stun and make you invulnerable for ten frames after the super pause. This also puts you into the Ultra Burst state, but it will only last a third of the time it would if you were to Ultra Burst normally.
-Ground throw now has 5 frames of startup, Dash Grab now has 3 frames of startup
-Stationary, Forward, and air dodges now have less invul time against physical attacks
-Invul time upon air recovery lasts a little longer and control is regained a little sooner
-Directional inputs now have more influence over air recovery
-Distortion Drives can now be triggered with any combination of A, B, and C rather than just A+B (Example: QCF B+C, QCB A+C)
-Changed default Liedown time to 15 frames
-A red X now appears over the Burst Icon when in a situation where it is not usable
-Added an Invalid Combo Indicator
-General Aesthetic Changes
-5C is now special cancelable on hit
-Minor Frame Data adjustments
- Fixed an error where the Back Dash's Palfx would override the Rapid Cancel's Palfx
- Changed layering for Burst Icon
- Fixed an error where Izanagi and Yu's Cut-in didn't appear during Ultra Burst or Ultra Dead Angle
- Fixed "sound does not exist" debug errors in IKEMEN GO
- Fixed an error where Yu couldn't rapid cancel after a successful Cross Slash
- Fixed an error where the Astral Heat heals the opponent in Ikemen GO
- Increased Cornerpush and Adjusted launch trajectory for Big Gamble
- Changed the attribute flags on certain moves
- Fixed an error where the distortion drives could be rapid canceled during the super pause after canceling from a persona attack

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