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  1. Kano1


    like poring ragnarok but this is not ragnarok
  2. hi guys like today I need inspiration about what characteristics I have to make so I watch anime for days and the idea still hasn't appeared in my mind 1 where the image is known to many people 2 easy to make 3 easy to know the movement
  3. Hi too but I'm not old I am under 17 years old and in college high school and above and I devoted my hobby to drawing
  4. I thought it was some kind of old anime haha like weding one Piece By using several names of Roman gods / name planet one piece no1 anime And I like it when the quality of the graphics is like Arale
  5. Kano1

    xing cai .png

    Xing cai What is your opinion ?
  6. View File Monster Hunting author "ali" data Monsters will spawn randomly Submitter Kano1 Submitted 03/24/2021 Category Ragnarok  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    author "ali" data Monsters will spawn randomly
  8. In terms of graphics it is better than the classic version but in terms of character It seems too changed Franky: In my opinion, the classic version of Franky looks more handsome Sanji : I wish he shaved his beard Because in terms of character I want him to still look like a romantic man Nami :Nami with a slightly tomboyish appearance like Nami Classic makes a comedy sensation funny when Nami hits Lufy because of Lufy's stupid actions Niko Robin : Her nose polish and eye polish and Skin color make her look as beautiful as an Egyptian woman The cowboy hat makes it even coolerAnd I hope this doesn't change Brook :I wish he could look scary Zoro and lufy usop: This is very nice
  9. Version 1.0.0


    author ="Kano1" Character, the enemy type of the guild instance
  10. View File Female Heart Hunter / Soul Hunter author ="Kano1" Character, the enemy type of the guild instance Submitter Kano1 Submitted 03/15/2021 Category Ragnarok  
  11. Difficulty communicating Sometimes when I speak I am worried that my words will offend others or when I say something I am worried that it seems arrogant Suppose I say this is my work somehow I want to bite my own tongue I spend a lot of my time just for hobbies including painting, games and character creation I have a hikikomori habit And I want to change but it seems that editing real life characters is not as easy as editing the characters in the game Hikikomori
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