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    awesome character this character has a very good variety of punch and kick combos and even has battle assistans in the combos he uses
    when standing and I like this character because the position of his body is facing forward which shows he is a fighter who is ready to fight
    The pretty scary character Summon Baphomet looks like a wikipedia image
  1. I'm Frankly as a man I enjoy 18+ but I'm having a big problem Because they often satisfy their lust with soap I'm not interested in real women In the past I used to greet beautiful women and often teased them, but after getting to know Mugen 18+, my view of beautiful women must be big breasts and have an athletic body.🤣😅
  2. Game Ragnarok Online: This game keeps millions of happy memories and love of some people showing their love for this game by playing music. Some of them This Caracter's picture and it's not uncommon for people to make it as Mugen and I played it for 15 years and now this game is Evolving to RO2 and Impossible I'll play it from level 1 because I'm not as young as I used to be Thank you for sharing the mugen to collect
  3. Request update priest attribute holly The one you used in the last battle because what you share here hasn't been updated
    Looks fun This ghost cannot be hit by any of physical attack However, it can take great damage when exposed to elemental attacks/ Type Magic
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