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Ultimate Kintaro v1.0 for MKP 4.1 S2 Final by agustin9594 1.0.0

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About This File

Ultimate Kintaro v1.0 by agustin9594
Character for Mortal Kombat Project 4.1 Season 2 Final

List of updates:
+ Run
+ Crounch, crounch punch, kick and block
+ Low punchs
+ Roundhouse kick and sweep
+ New jump anim, jump punchs and kicks
+ New win pose
+ Kick kombo
+ 2 Brutalities
+ Shoot mode special move
+ Shokan fury special move
+ Fixed Under preassure fatality
Please read the list of original creators in the bottom

You need this Ultimate Chars data files for MKP 4.1 S2 final for the Brutality sign:

;================================================= =========================================
;----------------------------------------------------------------------------ORIGINAL CREATORS--------------------------------------------------
;================================================= =========================================
; MK2 arcade sprites ripped by Fly
; Separated color palette by VetalFox
; MK2 sound rips by Le@N
; VS pic by Random_MK
; Bio pic by Eddie BlackRose
; Sprite edits, compiled & updated by borg117
; Crounch punch, kick and block, low punchs, knee, kick 2, roundhouse, air punchs and kicks, jump 2 and run sprites by MARKOS MKP
; Fatality 4 by Emsi-D
; Shoot mode, new kombo, new palletes and new brutalities by agustin9594
;================================================= =========================================

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