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Mario by k6666orochi.

2nd file: AI patched by Holn (old version.)


What's New in Version 2.0


- Added the Astral finish (Super Fire Bros).
- The speed of the animations of the 3 versions of the fireball special has been increased (only on the ground).
- Now hits with B are easier to connect in combos.
- Fixed Mario's AI where he used an attack that was not being used as part of special moves.
- Added a special intro against luigi.
- The effect was added when running.
- The jump height of the Jump attack has been reduced, also the speed when falling when he hits the opponent has been increased.
- Supers Mario Finale and Hammer now have stronger versions of their attacks when using ultra burst mode.
- Now Mario has more freedom to move when using air strike with the C button and the distance is increased when he hits the opponent.
- The animations of the normal hit in the air with the B button and the second hit with the B combo have been changed.
- Added an extra collision box on the hit with the B button in the air, so Mario can land a hit if the opponent is on the other side.
- More sounds and effects were added.

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