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An Edit of stopmotiontoys(eliott)'s Baby Vegeta

Well, this thing is.....somewhat questionable. It is still a decent attempt to make a Final Bout character to MUGEN, and considering how shitty
the original game is, you get the point.


- Nerfed the Health and Defense from 2000 and 350 to 1250 and 125 respectively, as he is Radish SSJ4 tier otherwise.
- Made most of the attacks to have CLSN1 (Attack hitboxes) earlier.
- Modified the Kick Combo Super. It takes 700 power instantly and 300 during the special, instead of being completely gradual. The first two CLSN1 boxes arebigger and whiff less  against regular opponents, and the second to last attack launches the opponent forward in the air, allowed Baby Vegeta to land his last punch of this Super.
- Added a more competent AI.
- Added a 12p mode. It have permanent SuperArmor and a 1.5 damage multipler. I added an attempt of a ''Blanco'' palette. Also, a Green palette was unused and was added to the rotation.

Thanks for downloading that Edit.

Edited by HelloMyNameIsAAA

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