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  1. Sorry, forgot to add the most important Question: Is there a way to change it, please?
  2. Hello everyone. Before I start, my English is not the Best and try my Best to explain my Situation. For the last 5-7 Years, I used Mugen 1.0 which I was happy with, but now I want to switch to 1.1. And my only Problem now are the Character Sizes or the Stage Sizes. If I don´t change the Ratio like this: ;Set to 0 to stretch the video to fit the whole window. ;Set to 1 to keep a fixed aspect ratio. KeepAspect = 0 the Stage looks this: https://imgur.com/esV0jmD But If I change it, the Stage incl Character look like this: https://imgur.com/7pHnEj0https://imgur.com/7pHnEj0 Right now I´m using the Mugen Multiverse from Duracelleurx I want to thank you all in Advance
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