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  1. hola me gusto mucho tu char de street fighters ryu mas el equipo completo no tendrás otro pero que salgan al mismo tiempo también cammy, fei long, t hawk y dee jay 

    al igual uno que tenga solo los jefes bison, balrog, vega, sagat, evil ryu, akuma, violent ken


    y quisiera también un char que tenga también los del street fighters 1 los que no salieron mas nunca te paso las imagenes 


    la idea seria crear dos combates para ver  uno seria todos los street fighters 2 vs todos los jefes

    y el otro combate seria todos los street fighters 2 mas los street fighters 1 que se ven en la foto  vs todos los jefes del street fighters 2

    sin repetir ningun char 

    tendrías esos chars y me ayudarias a crearlos??



  2. nice change SMOKE THE HORSEHOG, but  but how did you manage to change the name? I want to do too.  I wanted to change it to a name like: gj mugen, headbanger, or guitarist skull.  which of these names do you prefer? and how did you change your name dude? but I don't want to change my avatar, I really liked it hehehe.

    1. Smoke The Horsehog

      Smoke The Horsehog

      1. If you want to change up your username, click on your name in the top right hand corner, and then click on "Account Settings" in the dropdown menu. Then go to "Display Name" on the left, and that's where you can change up your display name.

      2. I think, based on you being an actual electric guitar player with a skeleton for a profile pic, "guitarist skull" is the most fitting name for you.

    2. Guitarist skull

      Guitarist skull

       Thanks for the tip again friend. And I will use that is indeed the best name. Gj mugen it's very generic, and headbanger, it's too exaggerated, guitarist skull is right name. 

    This character barely works outside of the game it was designed for. If you want to get the proper experience with this character, please download the game itself
  3. I was hoping this would be a stage based on the Looney Tunes movie
  4. What happened to the original upload?
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