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  1. I have the update: https://www.mediafire.com/file/urrddax4z133k04/NewPennyBeta8.7z/file
  2. Suggestion: Give VAC? Sniper a hyper where VAC? Sniper false report a character
  3. Actually, look: https://streamable.com/v8lobn
  4. Do you think you could make an Punch Time Explosion XL Lifebar made for both compatible with MUGEN and Ikemen GO?
  5. View File Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL by Maxi Mugen @Amaterachu1 Hope you like it. 👍 Submitter Nin10doGMod Submitted 03/19/2022 Category Screenpacks  
    Welcome to Simptown! How long have you've been simping to Waifus?
  6. Can someone give this Khan an Alessi form from HFTF?
  7. Bug Report: DIO/High DIO doesn't seem to do damage to other in time stop, as shown in this picture here: Notice something on Player 2's Lifebar? It's not decreasing health during DIO's timestop. P.S. Here's an extended Bloody Summoning portraits patch for DIO's Bloody Summoning move: Bloody Summoning portraits.rar
    100% would want to have Krystal in Super Smash Bros. 6
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Because Madoldcrow1105 cancelled his work-in-progress character, leaving Patrick to only punch, I decided to "buff" Patrick's punch by giving it a [OVER 9000!!!] damage.
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