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  1. [Info] name="Neo Sonic by MS" displayname="Neo Sonic" versiondate= mugenversion=04,14,2001 author="Midnight Spirit and Trial Force" pal.defaults=1,2,4,3,5,6 host=www.trialforce.hpg.com.br [Files] cmd=BossAi.CMD cns=neosonic.cns st=neosonic.cns stcommon=common1.cns sprite=neosonic.sff anim=neosonic.air sound=neosonic.snd pal1=blue.act pal2=blue2.act pal3=blue3.act pal4=bluedark.act pal5=bluedark2.act pal6=old.act pal7=green2.act pal8=red.act pal9=grey.act pal10=oliva.act pal11=white.act pal12=yellow.act [Arcade] ;intro.storyboard=intro.def ending.storyboard=ending.def intro.storyboard= [Pals] 1=black.act 2=black2.act 3=blue.act 4=blue2.act 5=blue3.act 6=bluedark.act 7=bluedark2.act 8=ex1.act 9=ex2.act 10=ex3.act 11=ex4.act 12=ex5.act 13=green.act 14=green2.act 15=grey.act 16=inverse.act 17=mono.act 18=oliva.act 19=orange.act 20=red.act 21=red2.act 22=white.act 23=yellow.act 24=old.act