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  1. Fat Albert is arguably the most powerful character in MUGEN as I have found multiple infinites (idfr how I did them or what they were I'm lazy) but irl he could smoke Goku ong. By using his weight and the force of his flatulence he is unstoppable. His large body can help him store more power than anyone else and he can go "super fat" where he turd the size of the sun. Wtf is my obsession with fat albert
  2. Hey hey hey, no really, Im not fat Albert. I like playing semi-old cartoon characters like beavis, butthead, fal al, ect. In my opinion Mugen archive is annoying as hell lmao that's why I'm here. I main Dan in every fighting game that he is in, if he's not in it, I choose the goofiest looking character. I am an extremely casual fighting game player that doesn't give to turds about balancing and precision, cause as long as it's chaotic, I love it. And that's precisely why I like MUGEN. Just think about it, putting fat Albert against Goku?!?! Who wouldn't. I hate dark stalkers
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