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Khazana Saffron

Schofield Priest

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Khazana Saffron

Author: Arantadoh


Name: Khazana Saffron

Country: India

Gender: Female

Occupation: Monk

Birthday: 22nd of January

Age: 20

Height: 168cm

Weight: 55kg

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Meditation,Yoga

Special Skill: Eating curry (can eat 36 plates)

Favorite Foods: Curry, Yogurt

Least Favorite Food: Beef

Fighting Style: Kalari Payattu


Khazana is a Hindu Monk. She fights to rescue the princesses of Hindu Kingdoms.


Basic Movements:

Low Punch: X

Middle Punch: Y

High Punch: Z

Low Kick: A

Middle Kick: B

High Kick: C

Throw: C+Z


Special Moves:

Cross Slash: Down, Down Foward, Foward, Punch Button (on ground)

Falcon Attack: Down, Down Foward, Foward, Punch Button (in the air)

Payattu Warp: Down, Back, Foward, Kick Button

Payattu Warp: Down, Foward, Back, Kick Button


Super Moves:

Golden Slash: Down, Down Foward, Foward, C+Z (1 Power Gauge)

Ilusion Attack: Down, Back, Foward, C+Z (1 Power Gauge)


Hyper Move:

Phoenix Fire: Down, Down Back, Back, C+Z (3 Power Gauge)


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