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Hello, NitroMugen30(Nitroman30) here


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For those that know Nitroman30, the one that work on that 18+ Chun-li that is in the highest rated download in this website. It was me, but I'm now know as NitroMugen30, but feel free to still call me Nitroman30, or just Nitro for short. I been into Mugen since 2018. I first was in the Mugen Archive website and sign up there, was uploading edits that I do, crediting the original author every time of course. I arrived here since someone wanted me to do a request with some characters, and that I can only find them here. This website is awesome so far, read the rules. Was actually planning on uploading some characters I edited into here. If anyone interest in Sonic characters, Dragon Ball characters, I do edits of them. What edits? For starters, I'm known to do these NJPT, or Non Jus Power Transformation. Basically not only I changed the Jus size char into normal size, I also add a defense and attack power up every time they transformation. Overall, once I know how the uploading rules work, which shouldn't be long, I will start posting my edit characters here, crediting the original Author along the way. Will also give brief information about the characters like I did with that 18+ Chun- Li. Anyone, I'm glad I'm here and hope to not only make some friends, but learn more on coding characters (maybe stages) and eventually coding my own characters 

Channel Art 4.jpg

Edited by NitroMugen30
Trying to post channel art but didn't send
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