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Kosaku Kawajiri / Killer Queen Requiem (Resized)

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Kosaku Kawajiri / Killer Queen Requiem (Resized)

Authors: "Shadow Mercer,Kosaku edit by:Dry-Mugen"


"That arrow... if I am to live my life in peace, I will do whatever it takes to achieve that peace! Killer Queen!"


This Kosaku Kawajiri is a JUS character, but resized to be the same height as regular JJBA HFTF characters, uses Sheer Heart Attack with great damage output as a special attack, Killer Queen now has a barrage attack (surprisngly no "SHIBOBOBOBOBO" stand rush sound) and I believe he has Bites The Dust, but I've never seen the AI pull it off.


Great character that's somewhat worth a download if you like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure a lot.


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