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Alfrely (A.K.A. Alfredo Ponce and Eliely Silva) are the couple youtubers from Mexico and are the cartoon reviewers with more suscribers than La Zona Cero by Chucho Calderón, in the past of the begining, but actually are hated by fans by clickbaits, yep, the couple are making reviews, mysteries, and the controversy video about "The Inclusion is neer forzed in cartoons with LGTB" and make ruining childhoods to the followers on their channel, even they plagiarized about the other videos from the other cartoon reviewers like herosword, and spamming their channel to watch making so much popular, that's cheating, but about "El Mundo de Zowl" (The World of Zowl) with a theory of the original youtuber of his same name, is the most hated, that's because by no autorization.

Sprites By Jarquin10



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