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Vegeta Super Transformation 1.9


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Vegeta Super Transformation 1.9

Author by NitroMugen30(Nitroman30)


If there is any problems in terms of him being kill instantly as soon as round starts or any other, let me know in the comments down below. Vegeta Super Transformation 1.9 is mostly bug fixes and few changes including new stands for SSG,SSGSS, and SSGSSE. New throw move. Control; Y+B. There is also a Blizzard Vegeta palette change. In order to put that palette in, put the following in the select def folder. Vegeta Super Transform 1.9/Blizzard Vegeta Super Transform 1.9.def New Power Charge animation for all transformation New Transformations animation for all transformations New standing animations for SSG,SSGSS,SSGSSE Lighting effects for SSJ2 will now stay after each round, same goes for SSGSSE effects. More aggressive AI AI will now be able to perform the combos that was given Combos for each Transformation has now been fix for more speedy combos and finish


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