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Hozmi (by NSX2015) and Shoe (by NSX2015)


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A decent while ago, NSX2015 had a Mediafire and a 4Shared with these characters available to the public. Unfortunately, he lost access to his accounts (or shut them down, not quite sure) and so far, according to him, these two characters were LOST. I have been able to recover every other character he made available to the public, but these two seem to be missing.


If anyone could upload them or share them, as they don't even exist on MA or any other known MUGEN site. Much appreciated, as this will help me with preserving the Metal Slug collection for all to enjoy.


HozmiIdle.gif <<<HOZMI

Shoekarn.gif <<<Shoe/Karn (Karn is blue-er in tint)


But basically, I've been able to gradually collect and preserve as many of the Metal Slug characters as possible, but there are still many which are either missing entirely due to being lost or are in a private archive or collection somewhere, and unfortunately, even NSX2015 himself doesn't have these two characters of his.


We already have both of these by 吳承曇/(q2951415), but his versions are way different from NSX2015's versions.


Much appreciated ❤️

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