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Chang'e, have you seen it? I'm in the world of Mugen
The author is by pre to. This character is not easy to deal with. He is crazy to the level of God
There is a bar below the character. The bar purification value will change every time you attack Junko. The character will become stronger. Even Ramina can't deal with her
Up to 100% vertical drawing will also change
Of course, this character is also very original
Xinqi building style
For example, pure rage
The killing lilies have been restored
And pulling on the body, and the final explosion was too bloody
Of course, the version of this character is not limited to win 1.0 and 1.1
Character AI maniac - God
Of course, the character doesn't move at the beginning. If the bar below is too large, the character will move
How much can be 70% 40% too weak is 40% strong is 70% 100%


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