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Smoke Choked

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One of the major subbosses from Nijikaku.  It's supposed to be lobster, or something.

By the Nijikaku team

2nd File: A.I. patch by Lillie's MADs


Don't let the huge size and superarmor deceive you, this char is not as tough to fight as it may look to be. Ebifrygon has slow, but powerful attacks, their main
advantage being that they can't be interrupted, though any damage taken during them is not negated. Ebifrygon relies mostly on single hits, though a particular throw combos into a super, which it will attempt quite often. At a distance, Ebifrygon tries to close gaps by charging across the screen, one of it's numerous special moves.
However, once the opponent hits it while it's superarmor isn't active, Ebifrygon can be locked in combos easily - not helped by the fact that it has a stun state when getting hit too much, giving the opponent free time to strike further. While perfectly able to deal with everything below, Ebifrygon struggles to reach beyond the top of the lower tiers, though it will make a formidable opponent for those of a similar rank.



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