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Ninja Kombat: Kirisute Gomen


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Ninja Kombat: Kirisute Gomen

A game created by Gary Fisher (also now known as Shinnox), decided to try and sell a Mortal Kombat MUGEN game as though it was an original property.


Well... here is all that remains of that "sold" property, mind you, this is the beta build, so I'm pretty sure things aren't as refined as they could be.


However, what makes this game interesting, is that every character has different "stances" and "combat styles" by using the START button (usually its ENTER) which will allow for you to switch between different fighting styles, similar to the Mortal Kombat GBA game. Overall, its pretty decent, but as said, its the beta build, as everything else is PRIVATE and apparently being sold on his Patreon or something. No idea, but this was certainly worth sharing, as there is potential for others to fix it and give it a more solid feel, plus obviously, the characters themselves could be quite useful for anyone who wants to build their own MK characters, but with using a simple START button function to switch between different characters or fighting styles.


NOTE: The Patreon version apparently contains 10 different characters (such as Ermac and Rain) plus some more stages. Sadly, I doubt any of us will ever get to play it, but ya know... maybe someone just happened to have bought it and can do the honors of sharing it with us.


NOTE 2: None of these characters are MKP (according to Gary Fisher), but they do seem to contain MKP .ST files in the data. They do however, function in regular MUGEN 1.0/1.1 when you add these files to them. So unlike your typical MKP, these ones won't bug out and clone themselves or freeze the opponent simply by punching them.


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