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Mad Dummy (Kor Resized)

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Mad Dummy (Kor Resized)

Authors: Matrillex, SydneySotmer, Pizzasauce, sprites by Gramson


Mad Dummy is a spirit that possess a dummy, later (in the genocide route) can turn into Glad Dummy, and on the Nintendo Switch version, can turn into Mad Mew Mew after game completion.


Mad Dummy is quite a killer, I guess? Also, I wonder if someone is going to take Muffet and Napstablook's sprites from Gramsen's characters and make a full character out of them? Would be 100% better than the game-rip characters that are freakin' garbage to play as and garbage to watch fight. (Besides Mettaton Ver S. That is the BEST game-rip with REAL editing, and effort put into a game ripped character.)


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