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Tsukuyomi Flandre/Flandre Scarlet/Flandre Scarlet Tsukuyomi


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Tsukuyomi Flandre/Flandre Scarlet/Flandre Scarlet Tsukuyomi

Character author (komeji_orin)
Background story
Because Remilia put forward the conditions before she went to guard Boli's border, now everyone in the red devil hall is hiding in the gap between eight clouds and purple, and CHEN Ye is very worried about Remi's safety
Pachuli comforted her, but flean had different ideas and practices in her mind. She walked towards the exit between the gaps and was greeted by the night
Paqiuli found that Flemish picked up Levantin and waved it to the people. They had no choice but to watch Flemish leave.
After flea went out, she decided to find Remy, but on the way she met a little ghost, which seemed to be something of a ghost witch. Flea didn't want to cut it down with levating
As a result, a crack suddenly appeared in front of the ghost, and flea was sucked in
When flea woke up, what appeared in front of her was an extremely cruel picture. The sky was red with blood, countless cracks appeared on the earth, and violent magma gushed out
The sound of magma eruption is like the roar of the earth, and the buildings standing on the earth tremble from time to time, as if they would collapse in the next second
All these scenes... Look like fantasy town
In surprise, Fran began to run helplessly. After running for a long time, the surrounding scene did not change at all
However, at this time, a more surprising thing happened to Fran
"Look, who's here?"
There was a voice, and Fran looked in the direction of the voice
The source of the sound is... Ghost witch
When Flemish saw the ghost witch, great fear exploded in her heart: Remy was defeated and killed by her, although she didn't want to believe it

This is the space of the ghost witch. Flean broke into the fantasy of the ghost witch
Fran asked the ghost witch Remy how she lived and died, but the ghost witch said lightly that she was almost dead
Although this reply doubled Freon's fear, the instinct that biological fear would turn into anger drove her to take out levatin
Fran waved levatin at the ghost witch, but the speed was under the ghost witch, and each attack was accurately avoided
Fran frantically attacked the ghost witch, but the ghost witch still had a very relaxed expression and didn't even forget to ridicule Fran
Then the ghost witch said something that made flea shake
"In fact, your sister didn't believe you at all." "the reason why she came to deal with me alone was because she was afraid of you disturbing the game."
"Am I right? What did she do to you before?" and so on
Fran's attack changed from slow to stop, and she stood still
Seeing this, the ghost witch came forward and told her: it's a sister. Come on, let me help you. Let's... Kill her!
There was nothing in flea's empty head, but at this time, the bewitchment of the ghost witch had worked, and she decided to kill Remy
The other side
Tianyulingmeng is going to purify the monster mountain after saving Remy, but he bumps into flea
Remy asked, but Fleming didn't answer, so she walked towards Fleming, but tianyulingmeng found that Fleming was calling levating!
The heavenly imperial spirit dreamt that without saying anything, he pulled Remy back. That is, at the moment of pulling back, Fran's levating cut at Remy
Lingmeng looked at Fu Lan and was full of questions, so he used the magic sealing array towards Fu Lan and sealed Fu Lan's actions
At this time, CHEN Ye rushed to the scene and explained the reason to Lingmeng and Remy. Lingmeng used the talisman as a beacon to find others
Fu Lan then fell down and was carried back by Lingmeng
After reaching Remy's bedroom, Lingmeng began to think about all these problems
However, the situation began to deteriorate, and Fran suddenly began to bleed from her seven orifices, and she couldn't stop it
Lingmeng observed that flean's bleeding was not ordinary. Something similar to the magic pattern appeared on her, and the parts where the magic pattern passed began to bleed
If you don't do something, Fran will die
Remy, who regarded her sister as life, also put down all her reserve and began to frantically ask if Lingmeng had any way
Lingmeng can understand Remy's mood at this time. After all... The most important thing for her has gone away from herself forever
After being interrupted by Remy, Lingmeng began to open his mind towards Remy
Suddenly, she had a way, that is, repeat the old technique and save flea like the previous way to save Remy
She summoned the Royal soul of yueyejianzun and attached the Royal soul of yueyejianzun to flean
Sure enough, as Lingmeng expected, flean's wound began to heal, the magic pattern began to fade, and began to stop bleeding. The pale skin due to excessive blood loss also began to have blood color
"Ah... Where am I..." "Fran!!"
Fran woke up, and Remy immediately jumped on her and burst into tears
Everyone cheered for the successful settlement of the matter, but no one noticed that Lingmeng had already left
"Everyone has something he wants to protect. He can protect his beloved at all costs."
"Although her life and death have nothing to do with me, the world is what I want to protect, and she is a part of the world, so she is also what I want to protect."
"Although the power of sky illumination and monthly reading has been separated, my power has been weakened a lot"
"But as long as they can survive this disaster, isn't that the best outcome?"
"You're right, the other me"


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