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Donald SE v1.3


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Donald SE v1.3

I updated it a bit ago and decided to upload it here.

yes, I am the actual creator.

Here are the changes:
- New icon (a bit lazy lookin')
- Recolored
- Faster, his back-dash goes way higher
  + Dashing activates afterimage effect
- Burgers now multi-hit
    +Aerial burgers do not
- Fries are now sad faces cause yes
    + Fries also now move forward
- Neutral-B now stuns
- Does more damage per hit
- Changed "Go Active! (strong)" input
   + Is now |down, forward, y|

- Changed "Hamva-ga x4" input
  +Is now |down, forward b|

- Now has 10 jumps
- Changed image in background during hypers to thonk face
- Changed "Dona-Side Cutter" input
  +Is now |down, down, c|

- First palette has regen
- Has 7 hyper bars
- Most moves give hyper, including taunting
- Changed "Hamva-ga-DA!" input
  +Is now |down, forward, down, forward, z|

-Now throws out 3 bombs instead of 1
- Has 2-4 Dona-Girls (depends on the move)
- Increased Health (not more than x1.5)
- "Donald-Magic" is now way stronger. May 1-shot weaker characters.

Update 1.3
- Taunting is now, essentially, a dodge
- New new icon (not lazy lookin')
- Now has victory quotes
- Edited 11th & 12th palette
- Other small changes and/or adjustments


Hope you enjoy the character :]


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