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Smoke Choked

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Many believe this weird combination of Mickey Mouse and a black octopus originates from Nijikaku, but this thing has more history than you might think.  It actually originates from a logo on the packages of Fukujuseikaho cotton candy from the 60s, and went on to become a somewhat notable meme in Japan.  It wasn't until a Hatena user used this character as their profile picture that it caught the eye of the mysterious Nijikaku team.

Anyways, in M.U.G.E.N., Takobue can teleport with golden circles, fire lightning with the Sorcerer's Hat (the one that Fantasia Mickey uses), and a bunch of attacks involving his tentacles.  Nijikaku is weird.

You should check this thing out, though.  It's actually really cool.

By the Nijikaku team



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