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SvC Ultimate 1.0


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SvC Ultimate 1.0

Screenpack by Roberto Bernardo

A conversion of the infamous SvC Ultimate 3rd Battle Edition Screenpack! Originally made by Roberto Bernardo! (Conversion by Gui Santos)
Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!! It's one of my favorites!

- 1024 Character slots (Every slot is a randomselect, how you wished :)
- Fixed select file, since many people had an issue with it
- Basic lifebar with a KOF 2003 Announcer
- The screenpack's localcoord is 320x240, so don't insert 640x480 lifebars

-- Updated 18th July 2018-13:37 --

A converted version of the SvC Ultimate 3rd Battle Edition. It's Low-Res, so just 320x240 lifebars will work. The conversion to MUGEN 1.0 was made by Gui Santos.
It's a pretty great Screenpack in my opinion, and it works perfectly. Great for people who want more than just 100 open characters slots. dirol.gif

Be careful, before opening, rename the select file in the data folder to "selectblank". Also, if you want everything be "randomselect" and not "kfm", open the select file in Microsoft word and select the word "character" and with the replace function, well, replace it to "randomselect". I never knew that Word was capable of doing that, so I once remade the entire thing, it was painful.


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