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ROBLOXian Beta (V.1)

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ROBLOXian Beta (V.1)

ROBLOXian was made by: "Witherower" ;Starlight Zero for the enhanced default MUGEN effects


Special thanks to Starlight Zero for the enhanced default MUGEN effects!
Sprites made by me
Images used for weapons taken from ROBLOX Wikia


Down, Forward, X = Rocket Launcher (Shoots out a blue rocket that goes forward. Whenever it comes into contact with an enemy, it explodes. Has a cooldown of 1 second.)

Down, Forward, Y = Bomb (Plants a bomb down on the ground, it will explode after a certain amount of time or if it has been hit. The bomb can be hit by other attacks such as the Rocket Launcher. Has a cooldown of around 4 seconds.)

Down, Forward, Z = Gravity Hammer (Slams down a massive hammer that launches the enemy up once they have been hit. This attack is also able to hit the Bomb. Has a cooldown of 1 second.)

Down, Forward, A = Blackhole Ray Gun (Shoots out a laser that is aimed towards the enemy. Has no cooldown.)


Down, Forward, Down, Forward, X = Chartreuse Periastron Gamma (Summons a forcefield that shields the player from any and all damage, and deflects anything that attacks the shield. This lasts for 12 seconds, but can be configured using OPTIONS.txt. Consumes 1000 power.)

Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Y = R-Orb (Charges up a massive energy ball that is thrown at the opponent, then explodes. Consumes 2000 power.)

Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Z = Subspace Tripmine (Basically acts like a more powerful version of the Bomb. This can be hit by attacks such as the Rocket Launcher or Gravity Hammer. Consumes 3000 power.)


Here's a couple previews to get a grasp on this character:



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