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Nene (Pico's School) By Crowsar


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Nene (Pico's School) By Crowsar

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Nene from Newgrounds/ Pico's School
First Appearance: Nene Interactive Suicide 1999 March 29th. Created by Tom Fulp in 1999, she is a popular Asian girl with suicidal tendencies and signs of promiscuity.

Something the fan wanted the true Nene. Not just a dagger, shuriken, knife ….. Katana Sword.
A badass female has go for speeded.
Character maybe loud, well she is queen of knife. Voice Acting was Voiced by Cootieqt/ Cootiegirl played Nene.

Pico game seem to help a lot for her to get good moveset.

The Stages List (They Redrawn Version)
- Nene's Room (Nene Interactive Suicide)
- Nene Interior Door (Made by Crowsar inspired by Newgrounds Rumble Nene Ending)
- Vs Nene (Friday Night Shootin)

Nene Sprite Sheet is out!

Nene Voice Line is Out (By Cootiegirl)

Nene Download Link (Also Including Sprite Sheet and Stages)


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