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Captain Marvel edit for 1.0

Smoke Choked

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Captain Marvel edit for 1.0

by ZVitor - ReSprite and Edit By Abnerrse4 - Palettes by Yolomate

original AI codes and Hyper Combo Finish sound by Mystik Blaze
Hyper Combo Finish BG sprites by Winane
Edits by Swanky

- added a hyper combo finish BG, sprites by Winane
- re-enabled her Pushblock. Simple, but effective.
- Captain Marvel learned how to counter. The move is a copy of her QCF K energy blade and is functionally the same.
   It has slow startup but is invincible all the way through. Due to startup it can be blocked.
- Her sHP now wallbounces, if close enough to a wall. This can set up/extend combos that QCF K cannot.
- Her jHP now bounces enemies off the floor. Floor bouncing hight had to be raised to prevent inconsistencies from bouncing.
   You can wall bounce and ground bounce an enemy once each per combo.
- Bolstered the original AvX code a little as a safeguard. The original code has sometimes issues with multiple bounces (especially of the same kind, as I've learned when working on Black Widow)
   - Bouncing height is now -30 due to consistency issues with it when superjumping
   (There may still be some jank left in this)
- Every move that can bounce also has now a secondary hitdef to prevent whiffs due to coding.
   - These moves can now also affect boss type characters. Names for affected characters can be set in Statedef -2.
   - by default, this supports Apocalypse, Onslaught, Master Hand and Abyss per p2name ="x"
- re evaluated basically every damage value in her moveset. Bread&Butter specials are now affected by Damage Dampening, while super moves are not.
- changed her Nova Super to deal damage as a helper, to set the above.
- her QCB P orb special now lasts until it actively hits an enemy or until 5 seconds pass. They no longer vanish when the player is hit.
   - They deal very little damage and hitstun, but they can break enemy combos and reset velocities on your combos.
- checked for consistency on her basics frame data.
- shortened her lie down anim time
- cleared out some twenty PALs or so
- secondary .sff are different sprites. They don't include the new Hyper Combo Finish screens however and will cause errors.
- not sure whether her portrait was there before or whether it is by Shulbocka. Sorry. There's an alternate portrait in the .sff.
- Redid her AI. It's not as good as I want it to be for now since the AI seemingly ignores the variables for bouncing but it just won't spam stuff that the original AvX AI did.
   - The old cmd file with the original AI values is still present, if you so wish.

Changes to gameplay
Captain Marvel now has a lot more options to set up and chain combos. While the initial damage is about average, landing extended combos can put her far above average damage per combo.
As stated, her sHP and jHP now bounce opponents, and one of each can be used per combo, else the opponent will just fall down. Many of her attacks can leave her quite open, so beware.
To compensate, her defensive capabilities are less advanced compared to regular MvC fighters. For instance, she cannot guard push in the air and she has no recovery roll.
However, you can now use her QCB P orbs special to effectively break/reset enemy combos. Depending on hitstun, you may now have a chance to block / counter.

Her extended combo ability is the heart of this edit.
As mentioned she can wallbounce once and groundbounce once per combo. This puts her damage potential through the roof (although there is a damage dampener - I haven't extensively looked for infinites, though).
Here are *some* possible combo chains...

sWP, sMP, sHP
sWP, sMP, sHK, QCF K
sWP, sWK, sMP, sMK, sHK, QCF K -> Wall bounce -> sWP, sMP, sHK, 4,6 HP
sWP, sWK, sMP, sMK, sHK, QCF K -> Wall bounce -> cHP -> jWP, jWK, jMP, jMK, jHP -> Ground Bounce -> sWP, sMP, sHK -> QCF PP
cWK, cMK, cHK, 4,6 HP -> sWP, sMP, sHK, 236 K -> Wall bounce
You should be able to chain together differently as long as you are aware of what bounces you have already used and where the opponent is.


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