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From Weegeepedia:


Xuigee is an odd Fakegee made by 1337gee, the famous fakegee painter. As an honorable "Fakegee", Xuigee had powers that greatly differed from normal Fakegees. He could turn invisible and has fire on his hat (which is actually titanium). Fakreegee also made him a brother named Xalleo, the infamous Malleo clone that started the Fakegee War. He now joins the League of Weegees. He soon then got a Sage form known as Sage Xuigee. When Xuigee is complete rage and Full Power he will forge into Quantum Xuigee. It was soon revealed his real brother is Xaralleo.

From Russmarrs2 Rise of Sqeegee Wiki:


Xuigee was in the Ninja Clan, where he was trained by Some weird Weegee some random guy requested in in Ancient China. This makes Xuigee one of the oldest Fakegees known to man. Aside from that and being associated with Photohon, nothing else is known about Xuigee's past.

May or may not be a spriteswap of Shazzo's Bowser, based on the file names?  Perhaps it just uses it as a base.

By Marcio araujo



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