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Riyu Kosaka (Konami)

By 9-VoltTheGamer

The singer and lyricist of the band BeForU

V3.8 (Final update):
*Fixed special/hyper moves command
*Added 1 new specials
*Added Assists
*Fixed S, NA to C, NA/A, NA for crouch and air attacks
*Added common1.cns
*Added win portrait
*Replaced old throw code with new throw code along with throw animation
*Replaced "Hop Backwards" with "Run Back" code due to a bug
*Added swing sounds to every basic/specials/hypers move expect "Dive into the Night" and "Assist Sayaka"
*Added few more icon lifebar sprites along with MVC portrait
*Added 6 new palettes
*Added winquotes against Pandora Yoma, Cadence, Julie and Tellia
*Added Win compatible
*Added walking sounds to walk/run states
*Added english soundpack as default. if you want to change it back to japanese soundpack, change language to japanese in "data/mugen.cfg"
like this: Language = "ja"

*Initial Release
*Contained basic moves, 1 special moves and 2 hyper moves

BeForU is belongs to Konami/avex/Toshiba-EMI.


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