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Lobo edit for 1.0

Smoke Choked

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Lobo edit for 1.0

by Buyog
SFA BG sprites by Winane
edits by Swanky

Quote from Swanky:


When I first started working on Lobo I thought he'd be just a combo touch up. I was wrong. The project escalated right quick. :P

List of Changes:
- His basic combos should no longer feel sluggish
- specifically increased his jump basics air.hittime to allow for better comboing when using dash into jump attacks when opening an attack
- tweaked his jMK, should now also hit close enemies and regular sized fighters when dashing
- can chain basics into pistol shot and frag grenade
- can also chain basics into BFG, Lights out Clyde and Motorbike Hypers
- Motorbike Hyper now holds enemy in position if it hits. It's not ideal but better than the enemy resetting in. If blocked, P2 has full movement.
- can pushblock, touched up the effects (FX from Breakers)
- can now alpha counter (does a heavy punch with two hits, 2nd hit is overhead and knocks p2 down)
- fixed some issues with Statedef 5400 (the wallbounce), shouldn't get stuck on walls anymore
- reworked Hyper BGs and Hyper Combo Finish BGs (edited, originally by Winane)
     - also visually cleaned up Hyper Screens
- added sound to Hyper Combo Finish BG (taken from MB's MechGouki)
- fixed a number of errors reported by FF
- deactivated Amalgam Hyper
- added slight liferegen (1 every 10 frames) due to him being a Czarnian. Deactivates if roundstate != 2 or life = 0.
- added a few winquotes
- switched some Pals around

Gameplay stuff
Lobo's gameplay should have improved due to smoother comboing.
However, most of his specials don't lend itself to chaining very well for various reasons.
That includes his grappling meat hook which could otherwise set up infinites and his beverage drink.
You can chain into his pistol shot and grenade, beware that the grenade does inflict selfdamage if you are too close to the explosion.
It should now be easier setting up combos when using dash to jump into the enemy.
For optimal launched air combos, delay up for a moment when using cHP launcher.

Changes to Moveset
- 412P (blocking)      Counter
- PP (blocking)         Guard Push



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