Byakuren Hijiri (Gensokyo Reloaded Style) 12/21/2019

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Byakuren Hijiri (Gensokyo Reloaded Style) by RicePigeon.

What's New in Version 12/21/2019


- [System] Reset landing now grants opponents increased full invulnerability (2f->3f) and 7f extra grab invulnerability.
- [System] Opponents will now always go into the air recovery anim at the same time as the reset state.
- [System] Fixed various timing issues pertaining to Spellcard effects.
- [System] Added numerous state numbers that were missing from the tick fix code.
- [System] Juggle system now functions independently of M.U.G.E.N's default juggle system.


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⚜️ My favorite character from Touhou! ⚜️


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