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Skeleton (Edited) 1.0.0

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About This File

Skeleton, originally by Zyriliss, and edited by yours truly!

This is an edit that adds a plethora of things, such as:

  • New moves (2 Supers, a counter, and a 1 button command grab :))

-Zantetsubones (D, DB, B, a+b. A highly devastating unblockable super that destroys the opponent's life if it lands, very high startup though.)

-Hatchet Man (D, DF, F, c. Another unblockable high damage super that has long startup. Though this one doesn't do as much damage or has as long of a startup.)

-Counter (c. Just a standard counter, though a different attack may come out depending on the timing. Higher damage and quicker slash when struck during the first 2 frames, otherwise a 4-hit rush will come out instead. It does slightly less damage than the 'Quick Slash')

Note: There is an added 'guard cancel' (D, DF, F, ab.), though it just uses Counter's Quick Slash for the attack

-Command Grab (z. One of those command grabs that sends you flying forward if you use it. Not much else to say)



  • Extra sound effects for comedic effect.
  • Altered pre-existing moves.
  • Few added graphics (like the Heritage for the Future super flash as seen in the gif)
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