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Here is my take on Wakko Warner. He is also my second Mugen character ever.

Since this character has been getting popular on YouTube and Mugen Archive, I decided to release him on Andersonkenya1's website.

Unlike other versions of Wakko Warner, (SonicBrawler77, Camren Springer, and Beanfan112's versions), this Wakko Warner has Marvel vs Capcom 2 gameplay and uses sprites from the Animaniacs Sega Genesis game. I had to re-watch the show first before starting on my take on Wakko Warner, he is mostly complete but he still has some stuff that's incomplete due to the template I used for him. (I used Mugenfan1998's MvC2 template.) The biggest problem I had with him is the hyper background won't go away thanks to the complicated template I used. Wakko is at least playable and has a decent AI.

He is not perfect, but I had fun working on him, hope you guys enjoy playing as him!

What's New in Version 1.0.1


- Wakko now has a new hyper, Battle. (I admit Camren Springer did this idea first, but I wanted to make this hyper slightly better.)

- Wakko now has 6 more new palettes, which means Wakko now has 12 palettes! (To choose Wakko with extra palettes, hold the start button while pressing the punch or kick buttons.)

- I have finally fixed the hyper background!

- Wakko's punches and kicks now pushes the opponent less, making it easier to do combos.

- Wakko is now compatible with Midnight Bliss, Jailbot's Pac-Bot, and I guess Roger's predator hyper. (There's a bug with Wakko's compatibility with Roger's predator hyper that I can't fix for some reason. Feel free to comment down how to fix.)

- Wakko now has a brand new hyper background and hyper activate background based on MvC1. The hyper combo finish background is still from MvC2.

- The combo messages' sounds are now slightly louder.

- Wakko now has a special intro with notable female fighters just like Wakko.

- Wakko's intro with both Yakko and Dot have been updated.

- Wakko's intro with other versions of Wakko has been updated.

- Wakko's bar portrait has been modified and Wakko also now has a new portrait!

- Wakko can now push guard!

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