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Game Over - Five Night At Boyfriend. Funk Mix: VAVR.JPEG Expansion 1.0.0

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About This File

One day. someone named Dan was very excited. he was because he has earned £7.19 to buy vvvvvv for his 3DS.
he was excited and bought it. eventually he completed it and then went to play the game again.

except later,he was looking for all trinkets. and he had found the last one,was victoria and a message popped up

"I am watching you Dan" Dan became worried and changed his 3DS name to Victoria

And then it said "Hah! Imposter,I Shall Kill you"

He then exited the main game and went to the player levels screen, instead of the normal levels, a level called "Just Play it" was there except
it had no description,no website and no username.
the user had opened the level and it was blood red. eventually a dead victoria appeared with a knife in her head and a bullet in :violet: 's head.

After 20 mins of playing. he completed it and exited the game. later,he opened the game and instead of VVVVVV,it was KillKillKillKillKillKill.
He Said To himself "That's odd" eventually,viridian popped out of the 3DS. and said "BOO" and flipped out. eventually running around the room flipping and breaking objects. then he made the player a viridian player that was grey.

he said "why did i buy the game"

This Vip is made by

SaadTheDrip: Audio, Some Visuals, Chart, Voice Actor for Viridian, Coding

DeNether: Art


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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