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Flying_Dancer 04.14.2002

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Boggy / Kaiser Knuckle - Global Champion-(TAiTO 1994)

----------- Story

Little cat: "Boggy, when are you going to be a superstar?"

Boggy:  Huh. Don't be so hasty.If you're an artist like me, you're on stage.
     I'm kind of crazy and I'm canceling it.Well, there's no rest for the big star.
     I need it... do you know... Baby."

Little Cat: Hey!

Boggy: Chick!I can't do that! But I still want a chance...."
     "As long as I can get on the big stage...the rest will roll in from there...
     Status and honor...!And...!Money... I need money!"

From the nice little play of OP.

--------- Basic operation

7 8 9Mobile keys are represented in the keyboard ten-key arrangement
4   6
1 2 3

X : Poor punch
Y : Medium punch
Z : Strong punch
X+Y : Super-punch
Y+Z : Strong punch

A ?weak kick
B ? Medium kick
C : Strong kick
A+B ? Superkick
B+C : Strong kick
(Boogie is usually no different from the superattack.)

Feint: 8 + ABC while jumping

Back Step: 44 (*Choose option, only fang mode)

Grips: Approach 4 or 6 + Y
Trenching: Approach 4 or 6 + Z

Farewell in the air: One attack can be made against a person in a jump state.
       Do not enter the down-blown (fall).

----------a lethal technique

a storm dancer    :41236 + K
Input is 426.

■ Wheelspin : 247 + K

Krisky step    : 3 + K
As we solve the problem that it does not damage at the same time,
I timed the damage right after the hit.
The original work is not compatible, so 1P will win in the event of a simultaneous occurrence.

blast hurricane  :28 + K
From weak point to strong point,
Only the second one is above.

----------- The last part (when you are less than a quarter of your physical strength, you cannot blink the lifesaver, so it blinks red.)

dead dance : 624 + zc at pitch intervals
Input is 624.

------------- Crash Battle System

The crash gauge at the edge of the screen is raised when an attack from the other party is received.

When the MAX gauge is full, the lethal technique and the attacking power of the final secrets are 1.5 times (including shavings).
Gauge is not lost unless the technique hits and is consumed even if guarded.

----------About Guard Cancellation

According to MUGENwiki's various behind-the-scenes story,

●KK-style guard cancellation
Actually, Caesar knuckle also has a guard cancellation function.
But it doesn't cancel instantly like the vampire series.
If you complete the command while the guard is rigid, the rigid time is shortened by only a few frames.
It's not so much as it's not attached. 

It seems that
In the case of a stand-up guard in MUGEN, the time for the stand-up guard is shortened, not in [stateno = 150].
I checked it accordingly and found that the timing of cancellation is different.
Since it seems that GetHitVar (animtype) cannot be determined in the guard, I made it to be determined by GetHitVar (hittime).
Hittime is 10 or less → 7F or later
Hittime is 11-15→9F or later
Hittime is 16+→11F+
Cancelable to .
This is not an exact number.

---------- Specification notes

We're lowering our offensive power to 80%.

As I don't use any power gauges, I won't increase the number of singles.
Tags and team battles are increased.

There is no telling what to do with a weak attack.

It's like a long-distance strong P, a superattack P, a weak P, a weak P.
To solve the problem that attack determination is slightly increased even though images are the same and axial positions are the same when the attack determination occurs.

The hittime and velocity of the air attack are all the same.
Animtype is also unified with Low's Hrad, but changed due to crash gauge judgment.

cancelable normal attack
Near P, Near P, Distinct K, Near K, Near K, Near K,
P, K, K, K, K

The lethal technique is weak to violent and has no change in damage, and it becomes distance and duration.

It seems that I have a little defensive power up below 50% and below 70% but I have not adopted it.

---------- options
From -OPTION- in Boggy-2-3.cns, you can select:

※ ON/OFF of [air guard]
The default is ON.

※ ON/OFF of [Backstep]
This is a backstep added with a fang.
The default is ON.

※Select the transition conditions for [winning performance].
Tag with the character who has the winning performance and turn it off if you want to avoid the performance from happening.
The default is ON.

If you want to add female winning introductory characters,
Search [Winning Intro Switch for Women] and add a name to the trigger.

----------- AI

It has AI.

The level change is in [Boggy-2-3.cns] in [State -3, AI flag set].
Please change the numbers below.
var (59) = 10;Left Arrow AI level (1 to 10, off)

*As I confirmed the operation mainly with 10.
Think about the other levels as if they were ok.

--------- Special Trunks

This character was created based on GATT-like NAOK.

Dear seki-rou,
"I used the crash gauge of the Kaiser Nacul and the winning performance for reference."

Dear Heisei,
Dear Zagi,
I used it as a reference for AI production.

I have referred to a lot of characters from producers.

Dear TAiTO,

---------- other

You are free to make changes.
I think there are many funny parts, but I hope you enjoy them.

110607 Published.
110615 Crash Gauge, Lisky Step Fixes.Added damaged voice.
        I changed one of the Act files to S color of my teeth.Fine tuning.
120418 AI Update with single game to keep power gauges away.
        Adds a winning performance selection switch.Fine tuning.
120508 Helper fix for AI boot.

---------- Address

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