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Creatively Bankrupt Kanna, by HelloMyNameIsAAA


What is this ?

This is a silly version of Eternal Version Zero's Kanna, with many moves that are somewhat creatively bankrupt, hence the name.
Ironically, various overused MUGEN memes from the past, such as the Road Roller Da, The Shun Goku Satsu, and the Proton Cannon aren't featured in this char, but other dead memes are featured
She is a three-button character, with air and crouching moves, alongside with a taunt.




D,DF,F, a: Plushie Bow (Useable in the air)
D,DB,B, a: Astolofo Bean Plushie (Up to two of them can be active at the same time)
D,DF,F, b: Explosive Punch
D,DB,B, b: Single Speen (Useable in the air)
D,DB,B, : c Someone From Below
D,DF,F, : c Lightning Strikes (This attack have a cooldown after usage)
D,DF,F, c (While In The Air): The High Ground

Supers (Requires 1k Power)

D,DF,D,DF, a: An Idea
D,DB,D,DB, a: Holy Hand Grenade
D,DB,D,DB, b: You Speen Me (Useable in the air)
D,DF,D,DF, : c Generic Autocombo


D,DF,F, b+c: POI Squad (Requires 2K Power)
D,DF,F, a+c: Shoop Da Whoop Laser (Requires 2K Power) (Usable in the air)
D,DF,F, a+b: Triple Wing Smash (Requires 2K Power) (Usable in the air)
D,DB,D,DB, either a+b, a+c or b+c: Final Memeory:  (Requires 3K Power)


/s: Distraction Dance (Taunt)
F, /s: 350 000$ Booster Box (Taunt)


Version Updates

(December 6th 2022)

Fixed attack.dist and proj.attack.dist being 0.
Some attacks now can cause knockback even on block.
Fixed Missing NotHitBy on the opponent during the Final Memory attack.
Added smoke effect on Kanna after using the An Idea Super.

(November 24th 2020)

Taunts now count as Idling moves instead of attacking moves.
Added new taunt, 350 000$ Booster Box.

(November 22th 2020)

Fixed missing sprites in the Fall Recovery animation.
Fixed some fall.recover not being set properly.
Removed Cornerpush in the Someone From Below Helpers.
Adjusted Hitsparks from the Someone From Below Helpers.

(October 4th 2020)

Removed duplicate sprites.
Added a fall.recover to most attacks that caused fall.
Added a forgotten mention in ''Special Thanks !''

(October 1st 2020)

First Released Version.


Special Thanks !

Elecbyte, for obvious reasons.
GUMHOY, for the fabulous art for her big portrait.
Mikage and 586, for the Kanna they made that got used as a foundation for this character, mainly for the sprites, the normals and the Final Memeory attack.
Sheet Piano Boss, for the piano reedition of the You Spin Me Right Now.
p0008874, for the sprites rips and soud used for the distraction dance.
Dark/Light Ruler, for the sprites and sound used for a winning outro.
You !


Edited by HelloMyNameIsAAA

What's New in Version 1.2.1


Something From Below could no longer by chained by itself.
Genering Autocombo and You Speen Me are now affected by the combo limiter.
Unbanned Donald Trump from Final Memeory (Seriously !) To ban him look at line 1452 from Hyper.cns and change anim = 4011 to anim = 40115
and change its scale to 0.97,0.97.


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