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Author: Andrés Borghi

Peketo is an insane child obsessed with color red. His father was a violent man who beat him and practiced occult arts. Peketo secretly learned the occult arts by spying on his father. One day, Peketo accidentally opened a portal to the other world and was amazed by all the beautiful red he saw and by the power of the king, which could be felt far away. The portal closed and he was brought back to earth in disappointment. Obsessed with the new world he started killing people just to see the red of their blood, which was the only red similar to the one of the other world. He killed his father and many more people before being captured, and finally murdered as a vengeance by one of the victim's relatives. Eventually, he was resurrected as a strange ghost through the many pacts he made while practicing occultism. As a ghost he traveled freely to the other world to seek out the heart and claim that wonderful power as his own.




What's New in Version 8.0 (15/10/2013)



-more balanced combos.
-fatal move is now easier to perform. See "peketo movement list.jpg" for more info.
-kick throw now switches sides with opponent.
-added victory quotes.


-Added custom hitsparks and hitsounds


-THE BLACK HEART VERSION. So many fixes and updates that I can't ennumerate them all.


-added A.I.
-perfectioned all hypermoves
-improved ascenso cruel special move
-added variation for winpose 3
-added sound to walk state
-fixed bug in punch throw
-added new big portrait, and cropped versions of both old and new
-minor bugs fixed


-added Marie Antoinette Attack hypermove
-added kick throw
-turns red when he is able to perform fatal move
-set the life value needed to perform fatal move below 250
-made head hittable when Peketo is dead
-changed ST-HK and jump-HK
-renamed all moves in movelist
-perfectioned scarlet delight hypermove
-made Dementia 13 supermove faster
-changed transparence FX in all teleports
-added cropped portrait in SFF file (9000-2)
-perfectioned general coding and minor bug fixes


-fixed cheap bug in fatal move
-updated girl list for shy intro.
-added animation detection for char's definition


-perfectioned fatal move detection system
-updated girl list for shy intro.


-fixed bugs in fatal move
-fixed bug in crouch HK


-updated fatal move with the ability to cut the head of the chars made by me
-added a tutorial to customize your char to Peketo's fatal move
-corrected basic size data in CNS
-added some visual effects to hypermoves


-updated girl list for shy intro.
-added aerial supermoves: "cuchillo aereo derecho", "cuchillo aereo bajo"
-added aerial supermoves: "teleport aereo cerca", "teleport aereo lejos"
-fixed color bug in fatal move
-perfectioned combo system
-new winpose added
-fixed bug in throw
-Perfectioned "locura" supermove
-added 3 new palettes
-Perfectioned "5 cuchillos" hypermove


-fixed bug in "cirugia" special move and fatal move (now it hits if P2 is in midair)


-added sound to "lose" pose
-fixed getpower parameter in hyper moves
-perfectioned fatal move
-added damage to teleport move
-added "locura" special move
-added critical state 0 (when he has less than 200 of life)
-added velocity to "cirugia" hyper move
-added "shy" intro (when he fights a female character)


-fixed bug in standing strong kick
-added electric hit (when he is hit by blanka's electric shock)
-added ownpal parameter to many explods
-added dizzy animation
-adapted to both DOS mugen and WINMUGEN without any version trouble.
-added velocity to "super puñalada" hyper move.

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