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Author: Andrés Borghi

Shar-makais are a race of worm monsters born in chaos. They were captured by prince and brought to the other world to become soldiers. He tamed them, changed their bodies and bent their minds to become his loyal servants. When the king is killed, the prince sends his army of Shar-makais to recover the heart. They are the perfect army: Shar-makais can change their size at will and become small enough to be undetected and they can plant embryos in their victim's bodies so they can multiply even after being killed.

What's New in Version 7.0(9/11/2013)



-more balanced combos.
-fatal move is now easier to perform. See "Shar-makai movement list.jpg" for more info.
-added victory quotes.
-Kick-throw now switches sides with the enemy.


-Aded custom hitsparks and hitsounds


-THE BLACK HEART VERSION. So many fixes and updates that I can't ennumerate them all.


-added midnight bliss animation


-added A.I.
-added "refuerzos" hypermove
-changed fatal move
-perfectioned all hypermoves
-changed D,B,a/b move for "Rising Sting" special move
-perfectioned "ataque de saliva" special move
-added kick throw and improved punch throw
-changed big portrait
-added 2 new palettes
-improved combos and aerial rave abilities
-perfectioned overall coding
-turns red when he is able to perform fatal move
-little worms are now hitable
-many minor bugs fixed


-fixed bug in projectiles when hitting an armored opponent
-added animation detection for char's definition
-added cropped portrait in SFF file (9000-2)
-added hitadd sctrl to host bite hypermove
-renamed all moves in movelist
-perfectioned sound coding


-adapted to the new fatal move detection method in Peketo


-adapted to Peketo's fatal move
-corrected basic data in CNS and added "weight"
-added defense power
-perfectioned "veneno" super move
-"veneno agachado" super move replaced by "temblor" super move
-perfectioned animation in some actions
-perfectioned saliva drops when get hit (now with 3 random directions)
-changed crouch-HP, jump-LP, jump HP and jump HK
-perfectioned crouch-HK
-added animation to "super vomitada del terror" hyper move
-mofified air recover and hop backwards animations
-fixed bug in "mordida huesped" hyper-move
-added some visual effects to hyper moves


-fixed bug in "mordida huesped" hyper move


-added 3 new palettes
-added a little velocity to the projectile in crouching H-P
-fixed bugs in "super vomitada del terror" hyper move
-fixed "blood color only" in palettes
-fixed poweradd sctrls in hyper moves
-perfectioned hit sprites of st-HK and "giro y golpe"
-added winpose
-perfectioned winpose 1
-perfectioned dead animation (now the worms that come from inside him can hit enemies)
-added "mordida huesped" hyper move
-added palfx in fatal move
-fixed bug in fatal move (now it also hits if P2 is in midair)
-added critical state 0 (when he has less than 200 of life)


-added electric hit animation (when he is hit blanka's electric shock)
-fixed several bugs in fatal move
-added dizzy animation
-replaced palette 3 for a cooler palette
-added ownpal parameter to many explods
-added "giro y golpe corto" special move
-added new intro
-perfectioned "veneno agachado", "veneno parado" and "latigazos" special moves, and "super vomitada del terror" and "5 gusanitos" hyper moves
-fixed background explod facing 
-perfectioned little worms graphics
-perfectioned big portrait image
-adapted to both DOS mugen and WINMUGEN without any version trouble.

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