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Author: Andrés Borghi

Noroko is a ghost that lies dormant within an ancient Japanese doll. The doll is owned by an antique collector, who was attracted by the stories of the ghost in the doll (which he had never seen). When the king of the other world is murdered and his heart is ripped out, the huge power emanated from it awakens the ghost who escapes the doll and kills the collector. Noroko travels through the worlds searching for the heart hoping its power can end her suffering and grudge.


What's New in Version 4.0 (20/11/2013)



-more balanced combos.
-fatal move is now easier to perform. See "noroko movement list.jpg" for more info.
-punch throw now switches sides with opponent.
-added victory quotes.


-THE BLACK HEART VERSION. So many fixes and updates that I can't ennumerate them all.


-added sound compatibility with POTS's catwalk
-minor bugs fixed


-added A.I.
-added "funeral" hyper move
-added kick throw
-added 2 winposes and 1 intro
-added critical animation in state 0
-added midnight bliss aimation
-added lose by time over in posesion mode
-added 1 palette
-added teleport to backdash when her back is touching the wall
-minor bugs fixed

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