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Infinity Mugen Team Battle ScreenPack 1.1 720P VERSION


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Infinity Mugen Team Battle ScreenPack 1.1 720P VERSION

This was made from the bottom of my heart, but also made for the Community of Infinity Mugen
team. its been 14 long years that Infinity Mugen team still standing tall over those 14 years.
My name is OldGamer, My goal is to bring back the Great Creation to once Infinity muge team
still have of today. My Creation is Base on Infinity mugen team. I bring you a new
screen pack that everyone can enjoy. Scar and Eternaga were the two creators that started
creating Infinity screen pack and Now A new Screen pack is born of this year of 2020.
And many years to come. Please enjoy This Master Peace to Life.


the screen pack need more work but I figure I can share it now so everyone can have
good feeling how wonderfull to have good screenpack for this year of 2020

DannVS all thanks for his awesome Zero Character for me making the game over




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