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Super Mario World - Overworld


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Super Mario World - Overworld

Overworld by yours truly, Garfieldfan.

The other one of two stages I made for a MFFA/MFG double release. This is my take on SMW's overworld areas, complete with blocks, pipes, coins, bushes and enemies in the background. This has a restored track as the BGM, which was looped by me (I had plans on looping the Yoshi varient, maybe in a update to it), as well as Super Jump and (1.1 only) enemies in the background and zoom. I might consider the possibility of a forest varient of the stage but this is it for now.

SMWOverworld.def is the lacking 1.0 version and SMWOverworld-1.1.def is the 1.1 version that has zoom and enemies in the background. (All 3 screenshots are taken on the 1.1 DEF version.)


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