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SNK vs CAPCOM EX (by Yamori X)


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SNK vs CAPCOM EX (by Yamori X)

Unfortunately, Yamori X has decided to leave the MUGEN community for good, and in turn, purged all of their accounts... well not all of them, just the ones relating to this game and all their files. In other words, all of their files (unless uploaded elsewhere or somewhere on here) are pretty much gone. So, here you go... the most recent version of their game that could be recovered.


Fair warning, for some reason, BitDefender detects the EXE file as "Gen:variant.Ser.Ursu.22818". I think it is cause IKEMEN always pops up as a virus/malware/adware/etc for these kind of programs (not really sure why), but yeah. Just letting you know ahead of time.


Also, since nobody else bothered to make a note about this... this game is made for IKEMEN PLUS, not just regular IKEMEN.


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