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Tell me your favorite characters

Baron Bombano

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My Top 10 Favorite Characters are:

10. Shadow Dancer by Nanaya 

9. Donald Return by STG 

8. Karate Sensei by Kakeypurai 

7. Magic Nanaya by ZETA 

6. Real Police Dude by Brergrsart 

5. Dee Bee Kaw by The_None 

4. Uncle Joel by Brergrsart 

3. Rare Akuma by POTS 

2. Dank Lord Ganondorf by Brergrsart  

1. Manny And Hastur by Apelao

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In no particular order

KiraKira by sakuraka

Pipimi by Nemuineru

Gudako by Siitake

Wakasagihime by pikapon

Master Morrigan by KAZ

Real Police Dude by Brergrsart

Crazy Mukuro by Ahuron

NYN by YOU_SloppyMan

Spelunker by the Nijikaku team

Carlesha by MrPr1993

Narayan Maxime by Ryanide

Joe by Dawn de Era

Madness Mario by YUTO

and Dewian by MackleMouse

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