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Turles (The Tree of Might)

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Turles (The Tree of Might)

Turles was made by: "westoon"


Turles (ターレス Tāresu) is a Saiyan who was once a member of the Saiyan Army under the Frieza Force, but he went rogue and off into the cosmos to conquer planets for himself with his group of henchmen known as the Turles Crusher Corps. He is the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, and a supporting antagonist-turned rival in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.




Worth every download!

He's as powerful as Goku (Universal Survival 3.4)

and plays well like an official DBZ Extreme Butoden character!


Not to mention, he even has clips from the Tree of Might movie as well, not to mention many special intros!


If you'd like a taste on what he can do, check out this fight where he faces Bardock by Sheld! (Another special intro that Turles has!)

Or even this video where Turles faces Gohan & Piccolo! (These special intros are pretty good!)



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