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Smoke Choked

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The proud Devildom aristocrat from the depths of Hell has been summoned to bring ultimate destruction to the world.

Give your worthless opponents the death penalty by unleashing Jashin-chan's mighty dropkicks, now in MUGEN!

Okay, not really.

This is a joke voice patch for OHMSBY's Susanoo that uses voice clips of Jashin-chan from Jashin-chan Doropukkiku / Dropkick on My Devil

Most sounds are taken from season 3 but some are taken from season 1 and 2

How to use? very ez.
Drag and drop (or copy and paste) the def, snd and cns files to your OHMSBY Susanoo copy, and replace the same and current files and you should be ready.

An additional palette is also included, it (kinda) references Jashin-chan of course! This can be used for the original/unedited version too.

By OHMSBY, voice patch by Sergio P



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