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Jekyll Raid

Jekyll Raid, by HelloMyNameIsAAA

(What is this ?)

A survival type of character where you had to get through Jekyll's nightmare for 30 seconds.
Based off Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the infamous NES game of AVGN fame. Most of Jekyll's Units ahve been converted for this character.


The character itself is offscreen, either to the left or right depending oh which teamside it's in, fully invincible and invisible, allowing whoever wanted to face Jekyll's opponents to constantly face it.
You can only have 5 units at the same time. The opera signer is an exception, running on a cooldown instead.
Everything is unblockable so you have to move your way out, or use a counter of sorts to prevent damage.

A: Man
B: Woman
😄 Suspicious Man
X: Dog
Y: Cat
Z: Bird
holddown, A: Bees
holddown, B: Slingshot Kid
holddown, 😄 Opera Singer

(Version Releases)

March 31th 2023

- First released version

April 1st 2023

- Removed April Fools Shenanigans.
- Removed hitboxes for unused animations.
- Adjusted the Opera Signer's spawn location.
- Added small and big portraits.

Special Thanks !

Wing Wang Wao, for the sprite rips
GUMHOY, for the big portrait



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