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Ivan Ooze

Ivan Ooze, by HelloMyNameIsAAA

(What is this)

This is the infamous Final Boss from the SNES fighting game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition.
When controlled by the CPU, he is not too bad, but when he is by an human player, done with a code, he will truly show his broken side.
More or less a conversion of what is seen in the original game, with some key changes. Most notably, his Supers are not timing related, and can be comboed in some circumstances.
AI is done by Z-9 Lurker.


a: Melee Attack
b: Big Energy Ball
x: Pillar of Fire (Close)
y: Pillar of Fire (Far)

D,DF,F,a: Homing Spark Balls (1k Power)
D,DF,F,b: More Homing Spark Balls (2k Power)
D,DF,F,x: Invincible Homing Spark Balls (1k Power)
D,DF,F,y: More Invincible Homing Spark Balls (2k Power)

(Version Releases)

April 18th 2023

- First released version

(Special Thanks)

marktwo and N64 Mario, for the floating coding, with some changes.
O Ilusionista, for the sprite sheet and the homing code for the spark balls, with some changes.
Z-9 Lurker, for the AI.
You !




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