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Would you guys be interested in a Mugen project of me filling up a 18k character screenpack?

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Hi, so I had an important poll I done on my discord that I decided to move here but it won't be a poll since I don't think there's an option to do polls here. here is goes:

Poll time ig!
- So if you guys haven't been keeping up on my discord. I have released somethng that's relating to a mugen project of filling up a 18k screenpack and/or trying to at least do the rosters that PandaBeaux Games done but never released them. but ofc due to it being clear of them being modifications of these rosters, I decided I will have to do the modifications myself and fill up a 18k slot mugen sp called Mugen Matrix which leads to this...

Are you guys okay with a mugen project I am doing where I fill up a 18k roster screenpack, put it in maybe 3 parts and make it available to you all?
I posted and made a poll about this on my community tab, and on discord 4 people agreed but I would like to see the thoughts of people here as well.

  • You can react with heart if you want to see this happen, ❤️ 
  • or react with thanks (trophy) if you're not sure but appreciate it (idk lol) 🏆
  • or downvote if you don't want to see it happen. ⬇️

Preview of said screenpack is below, roster is not mine these screenshots are from @staceykiller from discord. 


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